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Stay close to your target to establish a connection. Access his personal files and rummage your way to the classified documents!

OBS: No music, please blast your favorite 80s music :) (can also recommend Lazerhawk).

WASD / Arrow keys to drive/turn
Esc to bring up PC (for hacking)
Ctrl+R to restart

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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TagsDriving, Hacking, Pixel Art


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Hack And Drive.zip 14 MB
Hack And Drive On A Mac.zip 18 MB
Hack And Drive On Linux.zip 35 MB


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how do i bring up the actual hack menu

You use the 'Esc'-key to bring up the hacking interface :).

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no like the hacking console, the black and green typing thingy i saw it in the playthrough

Oh! When you open the hacking interface, it's already there by default. 

You can't actually type in it though, it's just for receiving messages.

i only downloaded the classic version is there another download

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Nope, there's only 1 version.

What resolution are you playing at? I just tried running the game in 1366x768 and the black and green window ends up outside the bounds of the screen...

This is a gamejam game, so I guess I forgot about UI scaling, when I made it.

Edit: I tried fixing it, but unfortunately, the Unity version is too old and I can't open the project any more. 

My internet is abysmal atm, so I can't get the old version, but I'll try again, when I'm somewhere with better internet :). 


very goood


do more!




Neat concept!