A game about finishing the assignment at the last minute (semi autobiographical).

Just choose when to start working and start mashing away at the keyboard.

Essay from: Internet Memes: Why are they important?
Music by: Andrew Applepie (with permission)

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
Made withUnity
TagsBoring, coffee, homework, Meme, school, sleep, tired, Typing, work, writing


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I don't understand, I clicked the playlist looking thing, it started, and then no matter what I did, I fell asleep. What are the controls?

You have to write the essay on your keyboard! (hint: you can use coffee to stay awake)

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the downloadable version doesn't work if you can fix it please do it! when i launch it doesn't respond at all

and also the play in browser version doesn't work

here is the error: 

Uncaught RangeError: Start offset undefined is outside the bounds of the buffer
    at new Int8Array (<anonymous>)
    at updateGlobalBufferViews (41bb3b21-8553-443f-a91a-706ba5ff5eeb:8)
    at enlargeMemory (41bb3b21-8553-443f-a91a-706ba5ff5eeb:8)
    at v6p9d9t4.ssl.hwcdn.net/html/1547310/last%20minute%20%20web/wasm-function[40579]:57
    at v6p9d9t4.ssl.hwcdn.net/html/1547310/last%20minute%20%20web/wasm-function[40270]:3321
    at v6p9d9t4.ssl.hwcdn.net/html/1547310/last%20minute%20%20web/wasm-function[11326]:11
    at v6p9d9t4.ssl.hwcdn.net/html/1547310/last%20minute%20%20web/wasm-function[3827]:919
    at v6p9d9t4.ssl.hwcdn.net/html/1547310/last%20minute%20%20web/wasm-function[3878]:74
    at v6p9d9t4.ssl.hwcdn.net/html/1547310/last%20minute%20%20web/wasm-function[3824]:131
    at v6p9d9t4.ssl.hwcdn.net/html/1547310/last%20minute%20%20web/wasm-function[4015]:124
    at v6p9d9t4.ssl.hwcdn.net/html/1547310/last%20minute%20%20web/wasm-function[459]:11
    at v6p9d9t4.ssl.hwcdn.net/html/1547310/last%20minute%20%20web/wasm-function[7730]:148
    at v6p9d9t4.ssl.hwcdn.net/html/1547310/last%20minute%20%20web/wasm-function[7758]:424
    at v6p9d9t4.ssl.hwcdn.net/html/1547310/last%20minute%20%20web/wasm-function[7757]:531
    at v6p9d9t4.ssl.hwcdn.net/html/1547310/last%20minute%20%20web/wasm-function[7755]:302
    at v6p9d9t4.ssl.hwcdn.net/html/1547310/last%20minute%20%20web/wasm-function[7691]:68
    at v6p9d9t4.ssl.hwcdn.net/html/1547310/last%20minute%20%20web/wasm-function[4319]:94
    at v6p9d9t4.ssl.hwcdn.net/html/1547310/last%20minute%20%20web/wasm-function[8384]:23
    at v6p9d9t4.ssl.hwcdn.net/html/1547310/last%20minute%20%20web/wasm-function[8382]:727
    at v6p9d9t4.ssl.hwcdn.net/html/1547310/last%20minute%20%20web/wasm-function[8401]:11
    at v6p9d9t4.ssl.hwcdn.net/html/1547310/last%20minute%20%20web/wasm-function[9674]:151
    at v6p9d9t4.ssl.hwcdn.net/html/1547310/last%20minute%20%20web/wasm-function[9673]:44
    at v6p9d9t4.ssl.hwcdn.net/html/1547310/last%20minute%20%20web/wasm-function[9671]:82
    at v6p9d9t4.ssl.hwcdn.net/html/1547310/last%20minute%20%20web/wasm-function[9667]:630
    at v6p9d9t4.ssl.hwcdn.net/html/1547310/last%20minute%20%20web/wasm-function[9662]:355
    at v6p9d9t4.ssl.hwcdn.net/html/1547310/last%20minute%20%20web/wasm-function[9531]:1189
    at v6p9d9t4.ssl.hwcdn.net/html/1547310/last%20minute%20%20web/wasm-function[9530]:7
    at Object._main (41bb3b21-8553-443f-a91a-706ba5ff5eeb:8)
    at Object.callMain (41bb3b21-8553-443f-a91a-706ba5ff5eeb:8)
    at doRun (41bb3b21-8553-443f-a91a-706ba5ff5eeb:8)
    at run (41bb3b21-8553-443f-a91a-706ba5ff5eeb:8)
    at runCaller (41bb3b21-8553-443f-a91a-706ba5ff5eeb:8)
    at Object.removeRunDependency (41bb3b21-8553-443f-a91a-706ba5ff5eeb:8)
    at processDataJob (UnityLoader.js:4)
    at i.callback (UnityLoader.js:3)

Hmm, that's odd, it works perfectly on my computer

Could you tell me a little bit about your system? OS, browser, maybe some specs. That'd help a lot :).

well thx for taking care of your reviews, here is my sepcs

Processor: Pentium Dual Core 1.86Ghz
Graphic Driver: Supports DirectX 11
OS: Windows 10 64x System

that's mostly what i know... i think 

Okay, so it looks like the browser build error was probably caused by unity's webgl implementation. It should be fixed by clearing your browser cache or trying a different browser. I also uploaded a new browser build with a minimal template, maybe it'll work?

As for the downloadable, that is a bit more confusing. There's no reason for it not to work. I've uploaded a new build with some slightly tweaked settings, but it's pretty hard to debug when it doesn't happen on my end.

Hope it works :).

thx for helping i will try to run it on other devices, maybe it will work

Okay, thanks for the bug report :)